Service Policy of the Divisions of Public Relations and International Affairs, Office of the President, Mahasarakham University

1. To support and emphasize public relations benefiting university development

2. To improve the process that enhances a better understanding between university and people in all target groups based on a systematic, open and aboveboard truth

3. To encourage all university organizations: divisions, faculties, schools and centers, to have a university public relations plan as a guidance for systematic public relations

4. To support the organizations responsible to promote university for adequate and effective resources.

5. To support communication process for public relations with multiple methods and medias 

6. To promote technological utilization for public relationsconforming to and catching up with trends in globalization

7. To encourage sporadic evaluation of university’s image for supportive informationbeneficial for the University’s action plan development

8. To enable public relations personnel to reach higher potential adequate to effective works

9. To emphasize proactive public relations in order to develop the University for international recognition

10. To enhance internal public relations leading to get a better understanding and a good collaboration for university development.



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