Core Values (S T A R)

          1.  Service Mind : Having a mind of being ready for service, meaning that having  a good human relationship, friendliness and willingness to serve and help everyone as a coordinator or a service user from both inside and outside of the university in order to create an understanding, satisfaction and good coordination of the work of the Division so that we can achieve the determined goals

          2.  Teamwork : Working as a team, referring to the ability to work with other people by merging individuals’ differences and work process in order to get a harmony on work performance as well as internal and external organizational strategies based on building trustworthiness and respect of one another’s perspectives

          3.  Achievement : Being an organization with great value and work performance showing organizational members setting goals together, working logically, having principles and effective work plans, feeling enthusiastic and happy to work, considering all tasks meaningful and challenging

          The key feature is the team members are enthusiastic and always consider work as something challenging.

          4.  Relationship : Hospitality and open-mindedness, referring to skills of perception, getting the main idea of information from both listening and reading and conveying the message in order to create a mutual understanding in terms of policies, work plans as well as objectives and missions of the Division

          Moreover, the focus is also on the ability to communicate for an understanding, leading to cooperation and open-mindedness which result in achievement and information dissemination.  

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